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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Philippines Cemetery: A closer look at Leyte Leyte Cemetery

Leyte, Leyte Cemetery in the Philippines

Yesterday, November 1, 2008, we traveled to my mom's hometown at Leyte, Leyte. I was so excited to come with them and brought my camera because I want to share Leyte, Leyte to the world! I'll write 2 posts about the humble province. First, about their cemetery and the second one is about the province of Leyte, Leyte itself so that you'll know how to get there and what other things Leyte, Leyte can offer if you would visit there.

It's a 1 hour-45 minute drive from Tacloban City (82 kilometers). We left at 9 in the morning and got there at about 10:45 am. The road is good and not bumpy although when you're near Lemon then the road starts to wind. I'm not sure if we counted right, there were 7 zigzags going to Lemon Intersection from Capoocan haha! From there, there's an intersection to Ormoc City and Biliran Island. Well, our path is to Leyte Leyte so we head our way going to Biliran. Unfortunately i didn't get photos of Lemon Intersection :-( yeah right!

The lady still smiles at us under the heat of the sun. Candles at 1.00 peso each! We arrive in the cemetery at almost 11 noon. The sun was so hot! Leyte Leyte cemetery's entrance is narrow. I don't see any signs of the cemetery at the entrance yet the place was so clean and peaceful. The province was awarded as the Cleanest and greenest town! :-)

The police greeted us with smiles as we entered the cemetery's narrow road.

If you see the picture below of Leyte Leyte's Cemetery, you can see a girl in the center, right? When I took that shot the girl was not even there, as I found out that there's the girl's tomb on the side!! creeeeeepy!! haha joke :-) I just like this picture, i captured the smoke on the left side hehe :-)

I also saw this one which hurts me... they still offer food for their 1 year old dead son, he died 21 years ago of diarrhea. The father told me the story when i was shooting a photograph of his son's grave... I just can't imagine how i can overcome death of a loved one. That's my greatest fear...

my mom also contacted the praying ladies hehe they prayed with their novenas for the dead souls of our relatives.
the lists of souls....
their novena prayers...
painting their loved one's bed tomb under the heat of the sun..

the kids of Leyte, Leyte... just havin' fun after their paint work... still smiling at the camera...

this one catches my attention.. the only tomb away from the others... in the middle of the field? yeah...
I'm trying to add more photos here but i couldn't add more... maybe I already added the maximum number of photos haha! I'm sorry guys, maybe i'll write another post just to include those other pictures hehe I'll end this for now... see yah! :-)

and lastly, me at Leyte Leyte cemetery :)


rain said...

ngain ine dapit nga sementeryo?nice shot..

try to visit mg blog too..


m i y a r a said...

Thanks rain... That's Leyte, Leyte Cemetery, harayo iton amon hometown. almost 2 hr drive from tacloban city. but its really nice there ky clean and peaceful talaga :-)

m i y a r a said...
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Nortehanon said...

Maupay nga adlaw!

Nabisita gad la ako han akon igkasi-waray nga blogger :)

I've been to Tacloban last year (if I remember it right) and stayed at the Leyte Park Hotel. I love the view there. One of the best hotels I've stayed in. I would love to visit Tacloban again. Maghahakot ako hin moron ngan binagol! LOL

Paul said...

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m i y a r a said...

thanks for the comment paul. You may also love my website @ http://www.redconceptteam.com