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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Me, Myself and Ethan Raphael

Hi people! This is my first time to write and blab MY OWN BLOG! To introduce myself, I am Miyara, copywriter, researcher and a mother of the most handsome & super kulit boy, Ethan Raphael. From being a Copy Writer for 2 years and now a full-grown SEO Specialist, I thoroughly am enjoying and embracing the new role and responsibilities of my new job.

I love to bake cakes & pastries, but still trying to cook. You’ll love my pasta de myla & double choco-choco cake! hmmm… i love my family and so as my friends, although we rarely see each other lately, maybe too busy from work and that makes me sad :-( I also love photography & painting, arts & crafts. Oh wait! not to mention the love for weddings and party planning! Love it! I just love to laugh and play with my Raphael, and that makes my life complete.

Well well well… what can I say now… nothing more… but guys I hope you’ll check my blog once in a while for some interesting updates. I promise yah! :-)

Bye for now! Cheers!

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